Title: LCGs Suggestions to Pyithuhluttaw for Improvement of the Farmland Law Amendment Bill
author(s): Name: U Shwe Thein Organisation: Land Core Group, LCG
Keywords: access to justice by accessing judicial decision for farmland tenure disputes, Customary tenure, tenure for shifting cultivators, customary tenure, shifting cultivation, access to justice, land disputes, land management, land tenure
Publication year: 2018
Available in folders: Farmland Law
Main language: Burmese
Abstract: Key suggestions for Pyithuhluttaw to consider in their review of the farmland law amendment bill. The suggestions focus on To recognize customary tenure land (3-o, 10, 11, 17-k, 17-m, 42-c) like we did for VFV amendment one. To allow access to justice by accessing judicial decision for land tenure disputes (9-c, 13) To reform the Farmland Administrative Central Committee institution to include appropriate experts and farmers representatives (15, 16-c) To regulate land use change from farmland by ensure the requested land use change is just the minimum amount of land (32) To promote penalty for corrupted decision (40) To authorize the Ministry and Department to certify additional farmland tenure rights which are relevant but not recognize yet by this law such as tenure for those who has already done the agricultural production on grazing land, toddy palm tenure, shifting cultivation tenure, customary farmland tenure, etc. (42-c)
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